Aired on Saturdays from 11:10 p.m.

Introduction & Story

AKIRA of dance group EXILE takes on the role of Yuichi Miyama, a top researcher working at an elite firm which produces advanced raw materials. Yuichi had been assigned as the man in charge of a new textile project that would determine the future of the company. Modest and sincere, Yuichi possesses an amicable personality with strong mental spirit. Working at the accounting department within the same firm is his wife Natsumi Miyama. To the most perfect wife Natsumi, her husband comes first and she will do anything and everything to support him in any way.

The seemingly ideal couple’s life is put on the line when an industrial spy steals data from the firm and Yuichi is accused and punished for supposedly leaking the information. His superiors suspend him and his father, who was working together on the project goes missing. Someone breaks into his home and Yuichi is left stranded. Who is attacking him? Yuichi stands up to defend himself and retrieve everything that he has lost due to this exorbitant scheme.

Treachery upon treachery, the psychological warfare in this crime suspense and thrilling action scenes will keep you feeling restless with every episode!



Yukiyoshi Ozawa
Rina Uchiyama
Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
Masanobu Takashima (Special Appearance)

Yukie Nakama