Family in Disguise
Aired on Fridays from 8:00 p.m.


For every married couple, there are secrets. Lies and deceit that cannot be told even to your own family members. The fact is, the Isawa family is as ordinary as a family could ever be. But in actuality? Are they preposterous? Or even bizzare? Just how extraordinary does a family have to be in order for them to be completely absurd? What if a family’s “secret” and “deceit” were exposed at once like a line of dominos falling over? In “Family in Disguise”, family ties are put to test in determining the true value of love, work and desire. What will happen to the Isawa family after its destruction? It’s an all new family drama you won’t want to miss!


Naomi Zaizen
Ikki Sawamura
Mitsuki Tanimura
Kouhei Matsushita
Kyoko Maya