My Glorious Single Life
Aired on Thursdays from 10 p.m.


According to data reported by the national census, there are currently 47% of men in the 30-34 age range who are unmarried. For women in their late 20’s the unmarried percentage is approximately 60%. These young to middle aged male and female are what we’d like to call “My Glorious Single Life “ It’s not that they aren’t able to marry, it’s just that they feel “there are more important things than getting married”. In other words, they want to openly enjoy their singlehood to its fullest, in all its glory. In a sense, this makes them somewhat “aristrocratic” figures. “My Gloriouis Single Life“ draws attention to this reflection of the times, where the value of marriage is called into question both for men and women. (*percentage data from national census)

Playing the lead character Mamoru Hoshino is Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of SMAP, Succeeding his father’s film production business as the CEO. A talented and creative professional in film making, he does not feel the need to get married and is satisfied with being single.

Hideaki Ito plays Mamoru’s younger brother Susumu. Working together at the same film production company, he supports his brother with his strong negotiating skills and empathetic behavior towards his customers. Contrary to his brother, he chose to marry but is currently in the middle of a divorce proceeding. Despite the fact, he manages to date other potential women thanks to his good looks.

Thirdly there is Yuki Haruno (Keiko Kitagawa), a day dreaming heroine who struggles to succeed in both work and love but fails miserably. She has become disillusioned by the male ideals of marriage, as a result becoming a “marriage refugee”. Her last and final chance arrives when she takes on a part time housekeeping job to earn to cover her living expenses.

When these 3 men and women meet due to fate or just by chance, they come to affect each other’s lives with great magnitude. A near 40 year old Single Aristocrat, a divorce hero prostrated by marriage and a marriage refugee. Will there come a time when these 3 are asked the “I do” question? Will Single Aristocrats ever get married?


Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
Keiko Kitagawa
Hideaki Ito