The Fortune Telling Shop, ONMYOYA
Aired on Tuesdays from 10:00 p.m.


There stands a suspicious looking fortune-telling shop in Kita ward of Tokyo, among the retail shops that align the street. Here, Shomei Abeno works as a queer fortune-teller full of mystery. He dons a white Kariginu, or outfit formely worn by the Japanese aristocratic class before the Heian period which couldn’t look any more dubious. To top it off, Shomei is highly selective of his customers, refusing to accept low paying jobs. Lazy as he may be, when the offer sparks his interest, he is quick in showing off his conversational skills, with penetrating insight and original ideas. Once the problem is in his hands, no time is needed for its resolution.

Those who come to Onmyouya bring with them a wide range of problems such as “My father has been possessed by a fox and is mentally another person” to “A ramen shop has been cursed. Customer traffic has ceased” to “Find my grandmother’s will that has been hidden away”. At times being verbally brutal to his customers, Shomei manages to convince them to change their ways of thinking or sense of values, utilizing the framework of fortune-telling. Believe it or not, the customers go home happy, thanking Shomei before they leave.
How is it that Shomei is able to solve problems without investigating the cause or bringing the truth to light? It’s the mystery drama that solves the greatest mystery of all, one that not even Science can solve: People’s hearts.