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Currently there are approximately 2,500 pilots in the ANA group. Out of this 2,500, only 20-something are female pilots. Taking on this high hurdle is “Miss PILOT” main character Haru Tezuka (Maki Horikita). Daughter to a family who operates a restaurant in Kamata, Haru is a naïve honest girl who is so innocent that she cannot even tell one lie. This proves to be a disadvantage in her job interviews, and she fails every single one she had lined up. The only hope she has left is an interview at ANA where she applied for when she came across their recruitment requirements. Barely sliding through, she passes the interview and begins her journey to becoming a pilot but the training sessions are far beyond her expectations… Watch Haru and her colleagues as they diligently work towards fulfilling their goal of becoming a pilot.


Maki Horikita
Saki Aibu
Takumi Saitoh

Koichi Iwaki