A Clinic on the Sea
Aired on Mondays from 9:00 p.m.


Within Seto Inland Sea, there are over 700 islands. Of these islands, many of the smaller islands are without doctors or a medical facility to assist residents when in need. To solve such a critical issue, the Seto Inland Sea offers a hospital ship called “Saiseimaru” that travels from island to island. The hospital ship is just as functional as a hospital on land may be, and is home to doctors and nurses who must live a communal life inside. “A Clinic on the Sea” models its story on this very ship, telling the story of doctors and nurses as they travel upon the sea.


Young doctor Kota Sezaki unexpectedly boards the hospital ship “Kaishinmaru”. Despite being a credible doctor, Kota’s weakness is beautiful women. He is easily blinded by love and what’s more, love at first sight is a regular occurrence. With each island he visits, he falls in love with an attractive woman, only to be turned down at a later time. Will Kota one day be able to fulfill his dream of leaving the ship to live a happy life with his significant other?


Shota Matsuda
Emi Takei
Norika Fujiwara
Sota Fukushi
Yumi Aso