Oh, My Dad!!
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Playing the role of a father for the very first time is Yuji Oda, known for his performances in mega box office hit “Bayside Shakedown” series. Oda plays Kenichi Shinkai, a 42 year old father who garnered praise and attention from the public when he invented a magnesium air battery as a student scientist. Using the finance offered by foreign corporations at the time, he launched Shinkai Energy Laboratory to try and implement the technology for public use, but was unsuccessful for over 18 years. Now his wife has left him and Shinkai has no one to turn to but himself. He is without a job and has been kicked out of his house for not being able to pay rent. The only things remaining are his 5 year old son and his aspirations to make his dream come true.

What if one day you became a single father and had to struggle to keep your child alive and healthy? At times tear jerking and at times laugh inducing, this drama brings the heart back inside the home.


Yuji Oda
Kanau Tanaka

Kyoko Hasegawa
Norito Yashima
Anju Suzuki