Power Office Girls 2013
Aired on Wednesdays from 10:00 p.m.


10 years ago, there were a group of office girls who worked for Manpo Trading Company within General Affairs Section 2, or “Shomuni” in Japanese. Here, six women including leader Chinatsu Tsuboi (Makiko Esumi) were on the verge of layoffs, having been transferred to the least respected department within the company. However, these girls couldn’t care less about their formal status. They loathe the heartless men at work who are still caught up in worn-out social ideas and class system within the company. The funny thing is, while these girls’ ambitions lay solely within their own interests and never the company’s, the resulting outcome was almost always a positive one. For instance, inspiring those around them, or even saving the company through a crisis. This may be why so many viewers are attracted to this modern day “Fairy Tale”, that is unheard-of and thrilling, offering a feeling of catharsis with each episode.

10 years later, the show returns with all new members, aside from Chinatsu. The fresh new faces include Becky, Tsubasa Honda, Sakura Ando, Kanna Mori and Keiko Horiuchi who star as the unique new generation of power office girls.

From children to the elderly, this feel-good comedy drama will charge you with the energy you need to keep going at the workplace!


Makiko Esumi
Tsubasa Honda
Sakura Ando
Kanna Mori
Keiko Horiuchi