The Wrong Man
Aired on Saturdays from 11:10 p.m.


This story is based on Tokyo Seleccion Deluxe’s masterpiece, “Pierrot”. Writer Mikio Satake himself reconstructed the piece especially for this drama, taking on his role as chief director. Incorporating new episodes to the original, the story evolves on a day to episode basis, meaning that an episode is comprised of the events that occur in a single day. The main setting, a sushi restaurant in the traditional town of Kuramachi unravels stories full of love, comedy and compassion.

Lead character Yujiro Sawada is played by the acting world’s prominent figure, Gekidan Shinkansen’s Arata Furuta. Surprisingly, this marks his first effort at playing a lead character in a drama series. His underling Yasu is played by Yuichi Nakamaru of KAT-TUN. Despite his profession as a burglar, Yujiro is of a highly emotional warm-hearted nature. Consequently, his attempts often fail. One night when robbing a Sushi restaurant in the traditional town of Kuramae with Yasu, they are caught and beaten before passing out. Waking up, the two are pleasantly welcomed by the restaurant’s employees, as they luckily mistake him for a skillful sushi chef who had abandoned the shop 10 years ago. As Yujiro and Yasu try to escape the situation, Yujiro’s nature deters him to do so and the next thing you know he is falling in love with the head chef’s daughter…


Arata Furuta
Yuichi Nakamaru