The Family Game
Aired on Wednesdays from 10:00 p.m.


The Family Game was originally an award winning novel by Yohei Honma that was adapted for television drama and film. 30 years later, the story returns to screens again on Fuji TV, Wednesday nights. A member of the popular idol group Arashi, Sho Sakurai stars in this troubling drama as the private tutor Koya Yoshimoto. Koya becomes tutor to a student, Shigeyuki Numata, an underachiever on the verge of dropping out of middle school. Expecting immediate results, Shigeyuki’s father makes a deal with Koya that if he could make Shigeyuki return to school within a week, he would receive a 100,000 yen bonus. Koya accepts the offer, replying that he would only need 5 days to complete the mission but demands that no one should interfere with his methodology in doing so.

A handsome face with a reckless mouth, Koya is a wacky unpredictable pro tutor. How will he save Shigeyuki, a boy who has been bullied in school, betrayed by his best friend, and become a shut-in at home? How will he educate Shigeyuki to change his ways? What is Koya’s motivation in teaching? Koya’s “education” is nothing like anyone has ever imagined. You just have to see it yourself to believe it!


Sho Sakurai
Ryutaro Kamiki
Shiori Kutsuna
Seishuu Uragami
Rie Kitahara

Itsuji Itao
Honami Suzuki