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Galileo is a drama that was broadcast from October to December 2007 on Fuji TV. It is based on a collection of short stories by Keigo Higashino, “Tantei Galileo” and “Yochimu”. The drama gained a strong fan following, recording average viewer ratings at over 20%. Its story revolves around ingenious physicist Manabu Yukawa and female freshman police detective Kaoru Uchiumi. Together as partners, they solve mysteries through the use of technology.


Recording a massive hit in 2007, “Galileo” starring Masaharu Fukuyama returns to Fuji TV six years since his last appearance as the main character in the drama series. It is based on Keigo Higashino’s “Galileo” series, which was printed over an astounding 9.5 million copies total.

The main character Galileo, or Manabu Yukawa, the prodigious physicist Manabu is without a single flaw. He is handsome and excels in sports, with a sharp mind and an impeccable character. On the other hand, he hates children and can often be unreasonable, referred to as “the eccentric Galileo” by his acquaintances. How will brainy Galileo solve the supernatural mysteries set before him this time?

Playing Galileo’s investigation partner is Misa Kishitani played by Yuriko Yoshitaka, a police detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s investigation squad. She is prideful of her intellect, but sadistic in nature. Newly created for the TV series, her character will take over Kaoru Uchiumi’s mission, played by Ko Shibasaki.

In addition to the intriguing storyline, the vast visual expressions will take you on a journey like you’ve never experienced before. Galileo will tackle incomprehensible crimes with his distinguished brilliant mind. Watch closely as he evolves and transforms throughout the story and his chemistry with his new partner Misa!


Masaharu Fukuyama
Yuriko Yoshitaka
Kazuki Kitamura
Gin Maeda
Jun Fubuki