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Everyone has secrets or dreams they can't tell anyone else. Nevertheless, we work and live the day again today like any other day. Tsutomu Ezaki (Yosuke Eguchi) is no exception, a chef whose skills prove as top class, but whose personality is sometimes problematic to those around him. As the culinary master he is to himself, the important equation is "Ingredient x Cooking method = Taste". No less, no more. He believes that things like relationship, love, and tradition are without substance and therefore completely unnecessary. However, it was not long before Ezaki was one day appointed to be a chief chef at a famous Italian restaurant.

The renowned restaurant "Roccabianca" run by owner Saori Tatsumi is a restaurant that is booked with reservations 3 months ahead of time. The 40 available seats are always occupied by regulars, ranging from office workers to culture ambassadors, all making frequent visits. "Roccabianca" is a restaurant that was opened by Saori's father and chief chef Hideo Tatsumi, a culinary charisma who came to be known as the pioneer in Italian. Such a restaurant is not to be left unmentioned in the media, of course, and Fuji TV's "Iron Chef Japan" offers Tatsumi to appear on the show. Saori goes to meet the producer of the show at the studio. After their meeting, her restaurant employees are well convinced that Tatsumi belongs on the show. Things take a 90 degree turn, however, when Tatsumi suffers a subarachnoid hemorrhage. The operation is a success but there is no telling when he will regain consciousness.

Owner Saori continues to operate the restaurant even without her father, under his will. However, open seats begin to appear. Saori feels that the restaurant is in threat of closing down and decides to take on a new chief chef. The chef she chooses is Ezaki, judging from his background experience. She had heard rumors about a Japanese chef who earned an apprenticeship to the world famous restaurant "Tereza" in Italy other than her father Tatsumi. That man was no one other than Ezaki himself.


Yosuke Eguchi
Kana Kurashina
Yutaka Matsushige

Yoshihiko Hakamada
Megumi Seki
Kotaro Shiga
Yuki Shibamoto
Shoko Ikezu