The Brothers Karamazov
Aired on Saturdays from 11:10 pm


As the first ever dramatization of "The Brothers Karamazov", this story revolves around a murder case that occurred at a time of chaos in a provincial town. Behind the case lies harsh family matters, a feeling of passion by the younger generation, struggles, enthusiasm, recession, political confusion, a stratified society, educational issues, shortage of jobs, and the shadows cast by the young generation of today. In the final scene awaits a thrilling psychological mystery that results in the shocking truth. The story's backbone is the ultimate sin, the killing of one's father. Listed as murder suspects are the father's sons by blood. The key to solving the mystery is the transformation of their state of mind by being cornered, their philosophy and struggling conversations that push them to the edge. The father symbolizes an unjust generation and arrogant system/structure. What is more, there is the endless desire and ego of humanity.


Hayato Ichihara
Takumi Saitoh
Kento Hayashi