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Her name is "Saki" and her next target are men. A very "kind" woman. A woman who could make your desires come true. It's not her fault that the men she becomes involved with are pushed down a deep dark hole. Where is the dividing line between an "Angelic woman" and "Evil woman" anyway?
Saki Amihama (Yukie Nakama) is a nurse working at Shonan general hospital's pediatric department. She has an angelic smile and thanks to her performance at work, patients and colleagues know they can depend on her. One day Saki sees a magazine article about a magazine writer Hayato Nitta (Shohei Miura) who has lost contact with his sister and is on the search for her. Saki comes forward as the sister herself and becomes close to Hayato. Soon after, a man named Nakagawa (Kyo Nobuo) comes between them and forcibly tries to take Saki away. She escapes, but fearing that he may stalk her, Hayato promises to introduce his acquaintance lawyer Kosuke Nomura (Masato Hagiwara). However, Saki goes alone to visit Nomura…


Yukie Nakama
Shohei Miura
Yuki Uchida
Ken Shonozaki
Mei Kurokawa
Kenta Kamakari