TOKYO Airport -Air Traffic Service Department-


Actress Masami Nagasawa takes the lead in this mystery as the high school English teacher Kyoko Haruyama. Having grown up overseas through high school, returnee Kyoko cannot stand the distinctive traditional Japanese culture in which ancient methodologies exist. She tends to blurt out whatever's on her mind without considering the consequences. With such a vibrant heart, she gets along well with her students. Her colleagues are Nao Minamizawa, Hidenori Tokuyama, and Shigeru Saiki, established actors with a unique twist in their acting.

Screenplay is written by Kanae Minato, one of the most popular writers of today. Her past bestsellers include hits "Kokuhaku (Confessions)," "Shoujyo (Girl)," and "Shazai (Apology)." You can't miss a second of this mystery or you'll be forever lost in the abyss. What is the truth of the incident? Who is the offender?


Kyoko Fukada
Nozomi Sasaki
Jun Kaname
Koji Seto
Eriko Sato
Sayaka Yamaguchi
Maho Nonami
Kodai Asaka
Yuta Hiraoka

Asaka Seto (Special Apperance)

Tetsuya Bessho
Zen Kajihara
Saburo Tokito
Yuichi Haba
Hitomi Takahashi
Kei Yamamoto