Wonderful Single Life


Chiharu Tanaka (Miho Kanno) is a woman who "cannot get married." Haruko Kirishima (Youki Amami) is a woman who "does not get married." Jyunpei Kudoh (Hiroshi Tamaki) is a man who "does not have the luxury to get married"

With a wedding on the way, Chiharu's younger sister Chinatsu had wished to live back with her parents again. When Chiharu finds out about this, she begins feels uncomfortable and eventually ends up sharing a flat with Haruko, who she met by coincidence. Thus the single flat-mates begin their story despite differences in age, personality and environment. At times fighting, supporting one another, and searching for their individuality in life, they start to find answers to each of their questions. Work, love, marriage, their lives begin to progress. "I'm not getting married" reveals the truth about single women raw and without any cover up. Trust us: You can't miss this show!


Miho Kanno
Yuki Amami
Hiroshi Tamaki