A former head of a motorcycle gang, Eikichi Onizuka is a legendary teacher known as GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka). An original manga series written by Toru Fujisawa, GTO has sold over 45 million copies in total and is being read worldwide. This time, GTO returns with an all new cast, featuring all episodes from the original manga. Expect to be enthralled by the new stories and unique characters ready to take Japan by storm! Onizuka is sure to take Japan by storm once again.

"Remember what I said? I'm your friend. Friends help each other out." Onizuka's words are simple and straightforward, coming directly from the heart, which is why they pierce our hearts and sway our souls. The students he teaches have lost all faith in selfish adults who use their authority to benefit themselves. Onizuka knocks the doors to the hearts of these children, who have given up their dreams to remind them about life's valuable lessons.

Bullying, conflict with parents, high school sweethearts, child abuse, future dreams… The drama will depict universal themes from real life in schools and families. You may think Onizuka's way of tackling problems face to face is unprecedented and rather careless. But his life philosophy changes the minds of many.

It's the guaranteed to be the hottest drama of summer 2012 that will heat your heart to the max!


Miori Takimoto
Yusuke Yamamoto

Yu Shirota
Hitomi Kuroki