Becoming "Mrs.Hayami"


Yuriko Kanei (Nao Matsushita) begins a life like never before when she is wed to the Hayami family. Born to a wealthy family, Yuriko has been fed with silver spoons. She's never had to lift her finger, touch a vacuum or wash a dish in her life. Raised in such an environment, it's no wonder she is unable to take on the responsibilities of an average housewife. For better or worse, Yuriko is only skilled in her job.

The story begins when Yuriko marries Kyoichi Hayami, the eldest of the 4 brothers. Everything seemed to pan our perfectly for Yuriko until one day the mother in law runs away for no apparent reason. Taken by surprise, Yuriko stands up to take care of those who are left behind in the house: the father in law and the three brothers in law. Being surrounded by men who have grown up on the other side of the world, bound to their values, Yuriko is unable to adapt to her new environment. However, once Yuriko starts to learn about the problems that the family faces, she cannot help herself from lending a hand. Will Yuriko one day be able to become a true member of the "Hayami" family, a lovely wife she aspires to be?


Nao Matsushita
Yoshihiko Inohara
Jun Kaname
Yuichi Nakamaru

Eiichiro Funakoshi