Second to last love


From the former ancient capital, Kamakura comes a mature but bittersweet love story. Chiaki Yoshino (Kyoko Koizumi) is a 45 year old TV drama producer at a television network station. As she grows older, she becomes more concerned about her health and retirement rather than a romantic relationship with someone she loves. The dream life she imagined upon joining her company seems far away and no longer reachable. Will things change if she took a break from her routine life? Such questions lead her to Kamakura, where she searches for an antique house to settle in. This is where she meets Kazuhira Nagakura, a 50 year old man working for the city office. Kazuhira was separated from his wife by death, a heartbroken lonely single man with one child.

Chiaki and Kazuhira are drawn together as they learn more and more about each other. However, Kazuhira's family intrudes the couple's way with obstacles. Kazuhira's brother, Shinpei Nagakura being the first. Shinpei is carefree and somewhat lacking in luck, despite his good looking appearance. He courts Chiaki, creating a triangle relationship between the three characters. Kazuhira's sister, Noriko Mizutani (Naoko Iijima) is on the verge of a family breakdown, constantly nagging at those around her. She dislikes Chiaki for being in the same age range, with differing opinions about life. The other sister, an introvert who lacks connection with society and its standards, probes Chiaki's feelings in attempt to expose her inner self. Facing the challenges of interacting among each unique member of the family, Chiaki and Kazuhira together try to overcome them to attain a long-standing happiness.


Kyoko Koizumi
Kiichi Nakai
Kenji Sakaguchi
Yuki Uchida
Naoko Iijima