Osamu Mukai plays Eisuke Yamate, a 29 year old whose mother's sudden death causes him to take on the family business at a French restaurant, "le petit chou" derailing him from his dream of becoming a musician. Things fall for the worse when the powerless father allows a restaurant entrepreneur, Tokio Aso to take over the restaurant. Despite the hardship and adverse circumstances, Eisuke fights back and starts his own restaurant with former musician friends, but from the first day, the operation is a mess.

Between his girl friend Maria(Ryoko Kuninaka) who is rather unwilling to support him and Chie Ookusu (Miori Takimoto) who is charmed by Eisuke's culinary talents, Eisuke's heart sways. Chie is a university student, 9 years younger than Eisuke. whose parents are farmers. On the other hand, Maria Tachibana (Ryoko Kuninaka) is neat and tidy, working at a bank as a clerical staff. She is 3 years older than Eisuke at 32.

Playing the sadistic and wild French chef rival opposite Mukai is Goro Inagaki from international pop star group, SMAP. Inagaki plays Tokio Aso, an entrepreneur and high end French restaurant owner who succeeds in buying out "le petit chou". He takes over the restaurant along with the entire chef and staff. Later, when Tokio finds out about Eisuke's hidden culinary talents, his jealousy encourages him to impede Eisuke and his goals.

Will Eisuke be able to win back his mother's beloved restaurant? What will become of the love triangle between Maria and Chie? It's a truly "tasty" drama to kick off the New Year with exquisite French cuisine, friendship, love, and battle of pride. A full course meal of entertainment that is sure to fill your belly with sheer satisfaction!


Osamu Mukai
Miori Takimoto
Ryoko Kuninaka
Takashi Tsukamoto
Shohei Miura
Kaname Kawabata (Chemistry)

Goro Inagaki