Strawberry Night


Originally broadcast in autumn of 2010 as a special drama, "Strawberry Night" returns to Fuji on Tuesday nights. Based on the best selling mystery novel by Tetsuya Honda which sold over 1.5 million copies. Reiko Himekawa (Yuko Takeuchi) plays a police officer working for squad 1 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. As the only female squad leader in charge of inspecting a crime scene, Reiko uncovers the mystery behind a merciless murder, a man who was found dead covered in a plastic sheet in the bushes near a pond. Reiko realizes that the crime is not an independent incident, but one that had just begun. The code "Strawberry Night" eventually surfaces from the investigations, a word that eventually leads to another police officer, an elite detective.

The drama is not only full of suspense, but breathtakingly tells a story of each character's concerns and sorrow, the troubles and tasks they must face. It takes a closer look at Reiko's mental state, the relationship between her and those surrounding her, a detective's faith, pride and sincerity towards one's profession… All in all, it's a profound human / profession drama that will touch the hearts of many.


Yuko Takeuchi
Hidetoshi Nishijima
Keisuke Koide
Ryuhei Maruyama
Tetsuya Takeda