A Taste of Honey


Born to an olive garden adjacent to the Seto Inland Sea as the only daughter, the shy and introverted girl Naoko Morimoto (Nana Eikura) looked forward to the summer holidays every year when her uncle, Masato Ikezawa (ARATA) would come and visit the family from Tokyo. Masato was the son to Naoko's grandfather on her father's side, born between his second wife. Naoko's admiration for Masato is that of a sister to brother, but this changes one summer when an incident triggers Naoko to have feelings for Masato.

Having fallen in love with Masato, Naoko decides that she wants to attend the same medical university as Masato, knowing that the love would be unrequited. She successfully enters the university and moves to Tokyo, but there by Masato's side was his beautiful intelligent girl friend, Aya Harada (Miho Kanno). Contrary to Naoko, Aya has everything: a resolute philosophy on life, goal as a doctor, and pride backed by confidence. Aya's perfection and existence begins to distress Naoko. She knows she must give up on Masato. But a twist of fate swallows the three of them into a triangle relationship that is impossible to escape.


Nana Eikura
Miho Kanno

Ryoko Yonekura

Shosuke Tanihara

Mirei Kiritani

Keiko Horiuchi

Kotaro Koizumi

Ririka Kawashima