HUNTER 〜Women after Reward Money〜


It doesn't matter whether or not the expiration for statute of limitations has disappeared. The reality is that time lessens the impact of the crime and police on the case will undoubtedly be fewer. The victims, on the other hand, never forget. What if there was a hero who could take on the mission for some prize money…?

Ray Isaka (Ryoko Yonekura) is a cabin attendant enjoying a somewhat clichéd glamorous 30's life. Or more accurately, "was." One day she manages to arrest a thief at Tokyo International Airport. To her surprise, the thief was a criminal, rewarded by a bounty of 1,000,000 yen. Indulging in her good luck last only for a moment, when the airport turns into a panic and Ray is not only scolded by her boss, but fired for good. The next misfortune hits without a pause, when she learns that her sister Akane has disappeared, leaving behind a huge debt.

As her life takes its twists and turns, Akane ends up meeting a group of people to join her in becoming a bounty hunter, each member with his or her own agenda. Will Akane be able to capture the wanted criminal to find her sister and win the reward? And will she find out the true reason her sister ran away?


Ryoko Yonekura
Shosuke Tanihara
Mirei Kiritani
Keiko Horiuchi
Kotaro Koizumi
Ririka Kawashima