HANA-KIMI returns with a whole new cast, starring the now nationally recognized idol, Atsuko Maeda of AKB48. Based on a popular manga that sold over 17 million copies, HANA-KIMI first aired on T.V. back in 2007, when Maki Horikita played the main role, sharing the screen with good-looking boys like Shun Oguri and Hiro Mizushima. The show acclaimed much success in its ratings, its highest being 21% when the final episode was aired. This season, Atsuko will take after Maki to play her role as a high school girl who cross-dresses in order to visit an all boys schools to meet "Ikemen", or smokin' hot boys. Keep your eyes peeled to see Atsuko sport her short-cut and discover unbelievably cute boys… We guarantee that you'll be in "Ikemen" paradise in no time!


Atsuko Maeda (AKB48)
Aoi Nakamura
Shohei Miura