Still, Life Goes On


Hiroki Fukami's (Eita) sister was murdered when he was in middle school. As it turns out, the murderer was one of his friends, Fumiya (Kazama Shunsuke). Hiroki cannot help blaming himself for the loss of his sister, and feels that his mother never forgave him for not looking after his sister as he was told to do. 15 years after the tragic incident, the younger sister of the murderer, Futaba (Hikari Mitsushima) approaches Hiroki suspecting that he might be the one who kept spreading rumors that her brother was a murderer every time her family moved house to avoid being harassed or bullied by the neighbors. Upon meeting, Hiroki tells Futaba that he vows to take revenge upon Fumiya. As Hiroki and Futaba begin to understand each other's past and present, we cannot help but wonder "Will there be revenge or forgiveness?", "Will faith fall upon these believing hearts?", "Will the broken families be mended?", "Can love change a person?". Whatever happens, we must live on, picking up what little hope that remains…


Hikari Mitsushima
Shunsuke Kazama
Saburo Tokito
Shinobu Otake