Absolute Zero


Personnel transfers take place at the metropolitan police department and sergeant Izumi Sakuragi (Aya Ueto) is called upon by Hideo Nagashima (Kinya Kitaohji) who had been transferred to the special crime investigations prevention department. At the same time, the special investigations team members are transferred to other departments, each struggling to settle into their new environment. Izumi teams up with ace sergeant Ryuga (Kenta Kiritani), a man with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. While Ryuga is not completely convinced about their partnership, he takes leadership and sternly instructs Izumi. One day, suspicious death accidents occur consecutively and the bereaved visit the jurisdiction to request a reinvestigation. Soon, it becomes apparent that each and every one of the accidents were caused by defected products from various corporations. Ryoko Takamine (Sayaka Yamaguchi) notices a certain pattern to the accidents and begins to suspect a chance of "corporate blackmail". Can the team solve the mystery in time to save the next victim?


Aya Ueto
Kenta Kiritani
Sayaka Yamaguchi
Tetta Sugimoto
Kinya Kitaoji