Marumo's Story


Mamoru Takagi is a single man working at a stationary manufacturer. When his best friend passes away, he ends up taking in his twin children, Kaoru and Tomoki. Together, they cope through difficult times and soon become a true family. But this isn't your ordinary tear-jerking story. There's another member in the family: It's Mukku, the talking Miniature Schnauzer. The twins found Mukku and brought him home. He looks after the children with affection, but is very harsh to Mamoru and often gives him lectures. When he first heard Mukku talk, Mamoru thinks he has lost his mind. But the furry creature soon becomes the center of the family as the twins' hero. Nobody outside the family can find out that Mukku can talk. He must shut his mouth whenever he's outside. That is the law of this family.


Sadao Abe
Mana Ashida
Fuku Suzuki
Mukku (the dog)