The Boss, Eriko Osawa is back. BOSS depicts the Metropolitan Police Department's First Investigation Division Special Crimes Unit, a team of troublemakers led by Eriko. They all have personality issues and have caused problems within the police force. Eriko passionately but at times comically brings the team together to solve atrocious crimes. The 1st series aired from April 2009 and achieved average viewer ratings of 17% and a top rating of 20.7%. It was the biggest hit among all Fuji Television dramas in 2009. Now, the much-awaited sequel is back. Season 2 begins where the previous season left off, when Eriko receives a phone call at the airport. A brand new chapter is about to begin.


Yuki Amami
Yutaka Takenouchi
Erika Toda
Tetsuji Tamayama