The Marriage Counselor


Shingo Katori, a member of the popular idol group SMAP, portrays a passionate counselor Junpei Takakura who works at a marriage agency and devotes himself to creating happy couples. His passion towards match-making and advice based on original technique and unique theory makes him "the man that sells happiness." Business is great until… a mysterious woman visits the agency to apply for a membership. She is Haruna Yanagisawa (Meisa Kuroki) who has the perfect figure, a beautiful face, not to mention intellect. Junpei doesn't know there's a huge secret behind her application. There's also Hidehiko Yashiro, a handsome rich lawyer who also becomes a member. He is also hiding a tremendous secret. Before he knows it, Junpei falls for the Haruna and is caught in a love triangle with Yasuhiro. Will Junpei uncover their secrets and finally make himself a "happy couple"?


Shingo Katori
Meisa Kuroki
Naohito Fujiki