Perfect Report


Kanae is a single 38 year old TV journalist gifted with both brains and beauty. However, she lacks flexibility and is a terrible player when it comes to teamwork. Thus one day, she is expelled from the main stream of the News Department and is assigned to a "reserve unit". This unit is full of dropouts. Shu is a young man in his late 20s who only devotes minimal effort to his job. Midori is an attractive star announcer especially popular among young men, but has no knowledge whatsoever about current news topics. However, this ragtag band unexpectedly builds a sense of unity and forms an inseparable bond. As a journalist and as a woman, Kanae begins to realize what is truly important in life…


Character Name … Played By
Kanae Aoyama … Yasuko Matsuyuki
Shu Akasaka … Keisuke Koide
Midori Okusawa … Saki Aibu
Isao Koda … Jun Kaname
Hiroshi Shiraishi … Fumiyo Kohinata