Iryu -Team Medical Dragon 3-


The legendary genius surgeon is back! In the new series, the Japanese government announces its policy to increase international competitiveness. This is because the government sees a tremendous amount of growth potential in the medical industry. Its scheme includes receiving wealthy-class patients from countries such as China, Russia and Arab nations as a source of acquiring foreign currency. Furthermore, the enforcement of the new organ transplant law allowing organ transplants from brain dead donors of the age 15 and under has brought in new challenges for cardiac surgeons. However, on the other hand, Japan faces the issue of doctor shortages. The situation is especially serious among surgeons because of its unpopularity due to severe working conditions. How will Ryutaro Asada, chief surgeon of Team Medical Dragon and his team stand up against the whirlwind of "medical globalization" and overcome the new challenges?


Character Name … Played By
Ryutaro Asada … Kenji Sakaguchi
Akira Kato … Izumi Inamori
Noboru Ijuin … Teppei Koike
Monji Arase … Sadao Abe
Keisuke Fujiyoshi … Kuranosuke Sasaki
Keijiro Kuroki … Kenichi Endo