Job-hopper Buys a House


Seiji Take is an unmotivated part time job-hopper with no money and no dreams. But one day, he is shocked to discover that his mother is suffering from symptoms of severe depression. To make matters worse, his father refuses to face this reality and instead decides to leave. The fate of his family suddenly falls upon Seiji's shoulders. In order to earn money to support his family, Seiji begins working at a construction site. Here he meets Manami, a bright active woman working hard to achieve her dreams. For the first time, Seiji becomes aware of the importance of family bonds and of having an aim in life. The goal that he sets is to…buy a house! Will he be able to achieve this goal and bring his family back together?


Character Name … Played By
Seiji Take … Kazuya Ninomiya
Manami Chiba … Karina
Ayako Nagata … Haruka Igawa
Seiichi Take … Naoto Takenaka
Sumiko Take … Atsuko Asano