Yuki Amami portrays Yuri Saotome, President and C.O.O, of YS Corporation, which manages gyms and beauty salons. She is also a charismatic expert on beauty and child education who frequently appears on television shows, magazines, etc. Her goal in life is to turn her children into gold medalists. Currently, her three children are expected to join the Olympic National Team for the London Olympics. Her eldest son is a swimmer, second son is a track and field athlete, and daughter is a high diver. She is proud that she has raised so-called "beautiful children", based on her original educational philosophy. Supporting Yuri is her newly-recruited secretary, Rika Nikura (Masami Nagasawa), and Joji Hasumi (Takashi Sorimachi), former swimmer and coach of her children.


Character Name … Played By
Yuri Saotome … Yuki Amami
Rika Niikura … Masami Nagasawa
Shuichi Saotome … Kensei Minakami
Kou Saotome … Tori Matsuzaka
Tatsuya Akashi … Susumu Terajima
Joji Hasumi … Takashi Sorimachi