The Fujitive Lawyer


The protagonist is 31-year old Makoto Narita, a young up-and-coming lawyer. His future seems bright until one day he is wrongfully accused of murdering his former teacher, arson, embezzlement, and robbery. Knowing that he will be sentenced to death if convicted, Makoto decides to flee and find the real perpetrator himself. He is now on the nationwide wanted list. Makoto changed his identity and his appearance to avoid being caught. Despite his risky situation, Makoto can't help lending a helping hand to vulnerable citizens who are in trouble because they have no knowledge of the law. A different guest appears in each episode to spice up the story. Will Makoto be able to find the real murderer and clear his name?


Character Name … Played By
Makoto Narita … Yusuke Kamiji
Emi Ninomiya … Satomi Ishihara
Jo Mafune … Kazuki Kitamura
Ryoko Saegusa … Akiko Yada
Kuniharu Mikami … Ren Osugi
Takumi Renkoji … Kosuke Toyohara