He's a JOKER within the police organization. During the day, Kazuyoshi Date is a gentle and peaceful detective. Because he is so well-tempered, his colleagues call him "Buddha". When he was a boy, his parents were shot and killed right in front of his eyes. He joined the police from the guilt of not being able to save his parents even though he had a knife pointed at the killer. But throughout the years, he has learned that the most evil villains escape justice thanks to restrictions on investigation methods and present law. That's why at night, he moonlights as a serial killer that punishes killers who have eluded the law. Is Kazuyoshi's way of justice good or evil? Who is the real JOKER behind Kazuyoshi's actions?


Character Name … Played By
Kazuyoshi Date … Masato Sakai
Kenji Kudo … Ryo Nishikido
Asuka Miyagi … Anne
Saeko Katagiri … Ryo
Kuniharu Mikami … Ren Osugi
Masaaki Izutsu … Takeshi Kaga