Summer Romance Shines in Rainbow Colors


Jun Matsumoto portrays Taiga Kusunoki, a second-generation actor. His father is Kotaro Kusunoki, a famous actor. His mother, Machiko, used to be a well-known actress as well. Unfortunately, Taiga is a struggling actor, unlike his father who is a legendary figure. Taigo only gets to appear in variety shows instead of dramas. One day, he goes skydiving with a friend only to make a crash landing in a wooded area.  As he hangs from a tree hopelessly, a beautiful girl passes by. It is Shiori Kitamura. She manages to bring Taiga back to the ground in an unexpected and surprising way. After rescuing Taiga, she hurries away without introducing herself. From that day on, Taiga can't stop thinking about her. Is this Taiga's fateful encounter? Is this the beginning of Taiga's romance?


Character Name … Played By
Taiga Kusunoki … Jun Matsumoto
Shiori Kitamura … Yuko Takeuchi
Daiki Kusunoki … Ikki Sawamura
Sakura Miyase … Mirei Kiritani
Kotaro Kusunoki … Shiro Ito (Special Appearance)
Machiko Kusunoki … Keiko Matsuzaka