Hard to Say I Love You


This is the story of the friendship of five youths that meet on Twitter. Eita portrays Nakaji, a rookie cameraman. When he was a child, Nakaji looked up to his father, a battlefield photographer. But Nakaji is disappointed when his father returns from a battle zone injured, and has changed completely. He meets Haru on Twitter. Haru, played by Juri Ueno, is a part-time teacher at a high school, who is frustrated that she is unable to become a fulltime teacher. There’s also Peach (Megumi Seki), Haru’s best friend who is having an affair with her boss. Tetsuji Tamayama portrays Linda, the leader figure among the youths. He works in the glamorous publishing world, but nobody knows that he is suffering from ED. Also joining the cast is Jejung from the popular Korean band, Tohoshinki.


Character Name … Played By
Nakaji … Eita
Haru … Juri Ueno
Doctor … Jejung
Peach … Megumi Seki
Linda … Tetsuji Tamayama