Absolute Zero -Special Investigation Unit-


The story takes place in the First Investigation Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Within the department is the newly established “Cold Case Special Investigation Unit”. Solving cold cases requires a strong will to never give up, sharp instincts to notice even the smallest discrepancies, and the calmness to unemotionally observe the case and evidence. Izumi Sakuragi is a rookie police sergeant with absolutely no experience nor skill as a detective. But she is the best when it comes to understanding the pains of the victims and bereaved. She is always driven by a sense of justice. The members of her team often clashes because of their different values and investigation methods. As the drama unfolds, however, the bond of this loose team gradually becomes stronger, as they tackle difficult cases together.


Character Name … Played By
Izumi Sakuragi … Aya Ueto
Keigo Tsukamoto … Hiroyuki Miyasako
Ryoko Takamine … Sayaka Yamaguchi
Ko Kurata … Tetta Sugimoto
Hideo Nagashima … Kinya Kitaoji