Moon Lovers


Takuya Kimura portrays Rensuke, the president of a furniture store. He founded the company and is passionate about expanding its businesses. He is currently involved in preparing for his first store overseas, in Shanghai, China. When Rensuke flies to Shanghai to check things out, he finds local Chinese workers taking part in a sit-in protest. They used to work at the factory that was forced to close down, due to the opening of Rensuke’s shop. Ryoko Shinohara portrays Maemi, Rensuke’s beautiful and brilliant college friend. She is an interior designer working on Rensuke’s new shop. There’s also Shota Matsuda, portraying Rensuke’s right-hand man, who is fluent in Chinese. The story unfolds as Rensuke’s team works toward the opening of their shop. Several women become involved with Rensuke including a beautiful Chinese girl portrayed by Lin Chiling and a charismatic Japanese model portrayed by Keiko Kitagawa.


Takuya Kimura
Ryoko Shinohara
Lin Chiling
Shota Matsuda
Keiko Kitagawa