Real Clothes


The drama takes place in a well-established department store, “Echizenya”. 26-year old Kinue Amano is a brilliant saleswoman working in the futon section. She has always believed that “A person’s personality is important than appearance”. Her taste in clothes is not exactly fashionable. One day, she is suddenly transferred to women’s clothing. The women working there are all elites of the fashion world. Their boss is Miki Jinbo, a hardhearted manager who has come from Paris. Working in such a different environment, all Kinue does is screw up. Miki tells her, “You can tell a person’s personality by their appearance. A person’s appearance is everything.” Kinue is stimulated by Miki, and gradually changes.


Character Name … Played By
Kinue Amano … Karina
Miki Jinbo … Hitomi Kuroki
Yusaku Tabuchi … Hidetoshi Nishijima
Tatsuya Yamauchi … Sosuke Takaoka
Hideaki Hachiya … Kotaro Koizumi
Ryo Sasaki … Natsuki Kato
Mizuho Kimura … Anna Nose
Yoko Hayashi … Yuko Mano
Aya Tamura … Elena
Mayu Amano … IMALU