Tokyo Dogs


These two young detectives are the worst in the history of Fuji Television’s drama series. Sou is an elite detective of NYPD. He leads an investigation team to arrest the Japanese leader in an international drug syndicate. He fails to make the arrest, but instead, discovers a Japanese girl wandering the scene. She is Yuki, who has lost her memory. Confident that Yuki has knowledge of the syndicate, Sou brings her to Japan to treat her memory loss. Because of his failure, Sou is kicked off the team in New York and begins investigating in Japan. There, he pairs up with Maruo, an ex-leader of a motorcycle gang. With absolutely nothing in common, will Sou and Maruo be able to work together and arrest the evil syndicate leader?


Character Name … Played By
Sou Takakura … Shun Oguri
Maruo Kudo … Hiro Mizushima
Yuki Matsunaga … Yuriko Yoshitaka