The Great Passage
Aired on Thursdays from 24:55 to 25:25


Shion Miura’s “The Great Passage”, first place winner of the 2012 Japan Bookseller’s Award, and winner of the Japan Academy prize for its live-action movie version, is now at last being turned into an anime!

Mitsuya Majime, a salesman who has trouble with speaking, and Masashi Nishioka, a man who looks like a lady-killer but who actually works in a dictionary editing department, meet by chance in the middle of the city. Veteran editor Araki is working on a project to publish a new dictionary called “The Daitokai (Great Passage)”, but with his retirement coming up he’s searching hard for a successor. When he hears about Majime from Nishioka, he decides to try and hire him…

“Weaving the words that connect the hearts of people”

Words unheard. Emotions that cannot be shared.

This is the story of people who struggle to share with others what they truly mean to say.

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