Boku dakega inai machi (Japanese title)
Aired on Thursdays from 24:55 to 25:25


"Boku dakega inai machi" is a TV anime adaptation of the popular manga series of the same title written by Kei Sanbe. The protagonist Satoru Fujinuma is a professional manga artist but has not been successful as far as his books are concerned. He works part-time as a pizza delivery guy in order to pay his bills. Satoru happens to be gifted with a supernatural ability of "revival" that allows him to travel back in time before deaths or terrible accidents happen. He's troubled by this unusual ability because he keeps getting sent back in time continually until the accident is prevented, as if someone is forcing him to do so. One day, Satoru gets involved in an incident, then an extraordinary change occurs to his "revival" ability. When Satoru faces his own past, what "truth" does he witness? And just what lies ahead in his future?