Nobunaga Concerto
Aired on Fridays from 25:50-26:20 p.m.


As Fuji TV’s 55th anniversary commemorating project, we bring you an exciting, riveting, and thrilling story of “Nobunaga Concerto,” a hugely popular historical manga, to the TV screen as an anime adaptation, a live-action drama series, and to top it off, a live-action feature film.


The protagonist Saburo is an ordinary high school student who excels in sports but has no interest in his studies. One day, Saburo unexpectedly travels back in time and finds himself in 1549, the Sengoku period or Warring States period in ancient Japan. There, he encounters young Nobunaga Oda who is known as a fierce and relentless warrior and one of the most influential figures in Japanese history. However, much contrary to such reputation in the modern times, young Nobunaga turns out to be physically weak and very sickly. Even more surprising is that Nobunaga and Saburo happen to look identical. Once the two realize how closely they resemble each other, Nobunaga asks Saburo a “favor” which has to be the biggest and most unbelievable one in history – he asks Saburo to live a life as Nobunaga instead of himself and pursue his dream to unify the country of Japan. As Saburo being a typical contemporary teenage boy, how will he survive and thrive amid the chaos of the Sengoku period? Watch the series and find out!

©Ayumi Ishii, Shogakukan/Fuji Television