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Legend has it the unrivaled blacksmith Shikizaki Kiki's masterpieces, the 12 Klesha Bringers, led the Sengoku Period of Japan. The "Land of the Rising Sun" was unified as one nation under one man.

However, this man, the Old Shogun, feared a rebellion and enacted the notorious policy known as Katana Hunting, where 988 of the 1,000 katanas Shikizaki forged were collected. Despite the policy, 12 of his true mastercrafts were left uncollected. The other 988 were merely experiments created for the sake of perfecting these 12. These 12 final katanas are known as Klesha Bringers.

The 7th generation master of the sword art Kyoto Ryu, Yasuri Shichika, and his older sister Nanami live on the isolated Fusho Island. One day, a female Shogunate official dispatched to collect the Klesha Bringers, Togame, pays a visit to this island...