Aired on late night Thursdays from 24:45


NoitaminA is a late-night anime compilation show created by Fuji TV in April, 2005 for the purpose of paving the way to a new direction for TV anime. The name itself is "Animation" spelled backwards, to symbolize an "upending" to everything you thought you knew about anime.
In the current age where both "reality" and "fantasy" are in fact, realistic, we would like to serve as the bridge between TV, the Internet and reality to bring about a humble change to your daily life.


This is the world of the future, where people’s mental states and personal dispositions are all assigned numerical values and superintended by the government. Even values related to criminality are measured, and criminals are judged according to their “Crime Coefficients”. The detectives of PSYCHO-PASS are in charge of maintaining the new world order, and they’re good at what they do. But what they do isn’t always good for them.

Detectives always work in teams made up of “Enforcers”, or the boots on the ground who catch the criminals and “Inspectors” who command them. The investigators who themselves possess high Crime Coefficients are the ones who become skilled Enforcers, because they can truly get to the bottom of crimes. But for that very reason, Enforcers carry with them the danger of becoming criminals. Therefore, their work is monitored by the Inspectors: elites with impartial judgment.

Even as they’re confronted with the truth about where justice lies, each member of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division Unit 1 has no choice but to carry out the mission, however they may personally fee. But what is the true justice they reach for in the end?