Aired on late night Thursdays from 25:15


noitaminA is a late-night anime compilation show created by Fuji TV in April, 2005 for the purpose of paving the way to a new direction for TV anime. The name itself is "Animation" spelled backwards, to symbolize an "upending" to everything you thought you knew about anime.
In the current age where both "reality" and "fantasy" are in fact, realistic, we would like to serve as the bridge between TV, the Internet and reality to bring about a humble change to your daily life.


The world line divergence number. 1.048596% It’s the end of June, 2019 in Tanegashima. Central Tanegashima High School’s Robot Club only has two members, club president Akiho Senomiya and Kaito Yashio and is on the verge of being abolished. Presented with the condition that they must win the hobby robot competition held in Tokyo or their club will be gone, Akiho and Kaito bet on the fate of the Roboclub on using a peaky robot leftover by some former club members that takes special handling… A futuristic youth sci-fi adventure revolving around wondrous coincidences amid the struggle to build robots!